Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 1 of 12

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

The reverse auction competitions appeared in The Sun newspaper every Wednesday and Friday.My sister, Steph, has only ever been interested in the money side of things, so whenever we got together I’d do the talking and she’d not bother pretending to listen. She’s never wanted to know about the finer points of it all.

The only way the idea could continue to work was if we kept it a secret, if it’s only me who does it. Neither Steph nor I ever told anyone else, apart from one time when she told everyone she met, but more about that later. I might have even told a few people about that one myself. If other people knew what we were doing it wouldn’t have worked, as the competition organisers would have put an end to my little game.

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Simon is a web designer. He has won The Web Design Award 4 years in a row, from  2013 to 2016. He won it for providing an honest, no nonsense attitude that promises to get the job done for his customers.

You can order Simon Macbeth Leeds, book ‘Too Tired to Play Games’.

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