Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 2 of 12

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It wasn’t until two days before the next auction was due to appear in the newspaper on Wednesday that Simon Macbeth Leeds started thinking about it again. My system had proved its worth. The other prizes I’d seen advertised had been a £9k motorbike and a £10k mini. The £15k Mazda had been a big competition to begin with, but all the other competitions were for decent sums of money too.

I started to think the figures through in my head. If I could get an average prize of £8,000 and enter two auctions each week, that would earn me £832,000 a year, less bidding costs. This was the million pound idea I had waited for all of my life. I’d always wanted to be a property developer, buy houses, do them up, and then rent them out. This was when I first started to seriously believe that this dream could become my future.


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simon macbeth writing image

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