Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 3 of 12

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It got to Tuesday morning and I received a call from British Telecom. They had provided Simon Macbeth Leeds with the mobile phones and were ringing me to let me know that I’d gone well over my credit limit. The outstanding amount totalled £7k, the phones had been cut off, and they wanted a payment. I told them that I didn’t have the cash to pay them everything and suggested an interim payment of £1500, which was all of the money I had in the bank, the money I was going to paint the town red with. I asked whether paying this amount would be enough to reconnect the phones and was told it wasn’t, although it would be enough to keep them off my back for a while. The guy said that the phones wouldn’t go back on until the owed money had been paid in full.

This was a major setback. The property development business was going to have to wait a while. The cheque for the Mazda competition wasn’t due for another few weeks. Without the phones the idea, the plans, and the dreams of the future were gone. I was stuck inside an anonymous call centre. Periodically someone would break in on the elevator music and tell me the same thing: “No more phones until we get paid!” I made about 15 phone calls and spoke to a different person each time. The excitement of this new venture had gone. I felt like I was inside a giant game of frustration with someone else popping the dice.


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image of simon macbeths book collection


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