Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 4 of 12

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None of  Simon Macbeth Leeds competitions could possibly work without the assistance of mobile technology. You can’t enter by post, over the Internet, or by carrier pigeon. The phones were vital and we’d only won the Mazda because the phones were in the old company’s name and the money owed would be written off when we ceased trading. It may sound brash, but at that stage I’d never considered spending my own money. It hadn’t been an option. I’d got to the point with BT that if I gave them £1,500, they might put them back on. I agreed. I could borrow some money off my Mum or sister to tide me over until the Mazda cheque came through.

I had made a few quid last before. If I put myself back into that position, eating crap and walking into town instead of taking the bus, I didn’t have a problem because I knew it was for the long-term good and wouldn’t last forever.

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