Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 5 of 12

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Simon Macbeth Leeds arranged with BT that I would put the money into their account by three o’clock on Tuesday afternoon. I was at the front door of the bank before I thought about it with a more rational head. BT’s “might” was not good enough. What if they took the cash and didn’t reconnect the phones? There would still be over five grand outstanding. What if I started using the phones and they cut them off again halfway through the next competition. It just wasn’t worth the risk.

BT hadn’t cut me off earlier because all of the Mazda texts were sent in such a short space of time. Most of the charges were racked up over one weekend when there was no bugger working to stop me. Imagine in that first competition if I’d got halfway through to find BT had cut me off. That was something I’d never considered happening at the time, although I thought about it quite a lot afterwards.


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simon macbeth writing image

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