Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 6 of 12

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Simon Macbeth finally gave up on BT, as it was too much of a risk. Even if they had turned the phones back on they would have cut them off again as soon as we started bidding on the next competition. I could certainly see it from their side of the fence. A new customer has taken these phones, stacked up a large debt, and then wants to carry on using them. It wasn’t a great business proposition for them. Of course they were dead right, as I had no intention of paying their money back.

When Wednesday arrived, I was still tempted to try and make something work with the BT phones, but I’d not got back to them about why I’d not paid them the £1500 as agreed. I went to buy a newspaper to see what competition The Sun was advertising and found no trace of a reverse auction anywhere. Part of me was disappointed, but I had some breathing space. There was no immediate pressure now to get the phones working. The following Friday came and there was still no competition, there was nothing in on the following Wednesday or the again the Friday after. The drought went on for a couple of weeks.


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