Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 8 of 12

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Simon Macbeth had got Steph involved by letting her borrow a phone and use it as much as she wanted, as long as she sent all of my texts for the competition. That was our agreement, but I went back and modified it a little bit. We’d initially said that I would be the one to keep the money from the first three competitions, as I’d come up with the idea. From the fourth competition onwards, we’d then start splitting it; not 50/50, but she’d get a decent amount. My sister trusted me enough to know that I’d see her right. I wanted to give her some money on my terms without pressure. She accepted that, but then I met up with her and told her that I’d got some money for her. I took two grand in cash out of my account and handed it over to her in an envelope. I told her not to lose it because there was a lot there, but didn’t tell her how much.

She could see it was a lot, put it in her bag, and counted it when she got home. She hadn’t expected anything. I wanted her to have a share in what we’d done as she’d helped a lot. And whilst it’s fantastic doing something like that, if you have no one to share the triumph with, it doesn’t mean anywhere near as much. My sister became even more important to me than she already was.


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simon macbeth book image

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