Reverse Gear by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 5 Part 9 of 12

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

Steph and her boyfriend Anthony had been finding money a bit tight. They’d been together a while, he’d never worked, and Simon Macbeth Leeds always thought he was a bit of a loser, sponging off her. I wanted her to pay off some of their bills and treat herself. As far as I was concerned at that stage, the competitions were over. We weren’t going to do anymore and I wanted her to have a little bit of what we’d achieved.

Talking to Steph that day rekindled my desire to make a good idea work. I said to her, “Look it has worked. Why don’t we do it? We can fork out the stake money ourselves.” I’d worked out that we needed about £4k to guarantee a win on the next auction we entered, although Steph was less certain. She said, “What if we lose?” I was £12k up after I’d given Steph her cut and I thought that if I lost £4k I’d still be £8k up in the overall scheme of things. It wouldn’t be the end of the world to lose and at least I’d walk away from the experience with no regrets, knowing I’d given it a real go.


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simon macbeth book collection image

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