“The Learning Curve” by Simon Macbeth | Part 5 of 6

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It’s not rocket science, but Simon Macbeth had not considered that scenario to be a possibility. My foolproof plan hadn’t done what it said on the tin. You just automatically assume that all the numbers under the lowest unique bid have been taken by someone. I never considered that there were still numbers that no bugger had actually placed bids on.

After the conversation with Sarah from The Sun, I just smiled and thought that’s fantastic! I’d learned something new. I realised how incredibly fortunate I was that I had won the first three auctions, regardless of the glitch in my system. This was the perfect time to find out that I wasn’t as clever as I’d first thought. I didn’t mind losing this one. I had spent just over a grand that I could afford to lose, whereas at another time I could literally have lost everything.

I’d done three competitions before this, I’d done research for a good few weeks before, I’d planned it all out, and I thought I knew it all. It was great to learn more.

The fifth competition for the Jeep ended on 27th August. I’d bid all the way up to £33 and I was running out of money and credit on the mobile phones. I was sat in the Starbucks in Leeds City Centre, texting away like a madman from £33 upwards. None of the bids I was entering were coming back as being unique. I was just looking for one unique bid for a bit of reassurance. I sat for a few minutes and realised I was just being silly. I was wasting my money at this time. I’d got plenty of unique bids in amongst the 3300 bids I had entered and it was going to be fine. I stopped texting at £34. The auction was won by someone who had a lowest unique bid of ₤35.17. I was that close. I’d stopped about half an hour before the competition closed, leaving just about enough time to get to the winning line, but I’d run out of money. If I’d had more money I could have placed more bids, but there was nothing I could do about it and I didn’t know I was as close as I was.

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