Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 4 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

My parents have always lived in Morley, to the south of Leeds. The house that they bought with their first mortgage when I was a baby is where they still live now. I was born on 21st May 1976 in Dewsbury. My parents are Iain and Christine who were just 22 and 19 years old when I was born. I was their second child behind my older sister Helen, who was born in January of the previous year.

My Dad was a printer, although I had no idea what that entailed, and my Mum worked as a bingo caller until I was about three years old. One of my earliest memories was of the Pavilion Bingo in Morley, where I remember looking through a crack in a fire door and seeing Mum on stage calling numbers out. She was an attractive woman with long brown hair. There were hundreds of people in the audience, listening intently. I was really young and my head didn’t even reach up to the handle on the fire door. It wasn’t until then that I had any idea what she did.

When people told me that my Mum was a bingo caller, it meant nothing to me. All I knew was that she disappeared on an evening and she went to this place that she called work. When I saw her on that stage, it made me think that she was really important. I knew she wasn’t a singer or entertainer like you saw on The Muppets. The fact she didn’t sing was the blatant giveaway, but for people to be hanging onto her every word, it figured that she must have something really important to say.

When we were kids growing up, my sister and I would play with each other constantly. We’d create games with my Action men or her Cindy dolls, pretending that they were getting married or something equally dramatic. As I got to about six years old, I was allowed to roam a bit further from the front door and the dolls gathered dust as we spent less time together. We found each other increasingly annoying, as siblings often do. My sister had her friends and I’d go and play with Andrew, who lived next door.

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