Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 5 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

Andrew and I used to get up to loads of mischief in the fields and farmland on the edge of Morley. It was a great place to play and we used to break in to the old mills and barns and chase around after the chickens and turkeys on the farms. We’d explore the area and do stuff to keep our little lives entertained. The older we got, the further we’d roam away from our houses. None of that land we made our own seems to be there these days, all eaten up by new housing developments. Andrew seemed to disappear when I was about nine years old. He moved away and I never saw him again.

My Dad drove off to work each day and I never knew much about that part of his life. He never talked about it at all. He worked shifts and on his days off we’d sometimes do things together. To me we were a traditional working class family. Dad went out to work while Mum stayed at home with the kids, doing the cooking, cleaning, and taking us to school.

We would walk to Peel Street Junior School, about a mile away, regardless of the weather. I rarely enjoyed that trip. You could get buses to school, but we were never allowed to go on them. I don’t think they even had the money back then to pay for the bus rides. I never remember my Dad taking us to school; it was always my Mum.

I behaved myself while I was in the infants, as I had goof friends and felt part of everything that was going on.

It was there when I was only four years old that I discovered my love of drawing. I found it so easy to draw the Mr Men, especially Mr Happy and Mr Strong. We’d sit on those really small nursery school chairs and draw on little tables. I remember my female teacher crouching down next to us to see what we were drawing. The chairs were dwarfed by her, even though she wasn’t a big lady.

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