Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 6 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

I’d drawn my Mr Men and there was a little girl there who started screaming and crying because she couldn’t draw as well as me. Perversely, I felt really good about that.

My parents rarely encouraged me by saying, “Well done.” They didn’t tell me that I was good at something or ever give me compliments. I understood why this kid was screaming and crying. It was because I was a lot better at doing something than her. In its way, it was a huge compliment and I got a great deal of satisfaction out of that.

I had my first girlfriend when I was in the first year of nursery school. Her name was Claire and we were both three years old. In our classroom we’d sit crossed-legged, ready for story time. I remember sitting on the floor with Claire and I leant over and asked her, “Are you still my girlfriend?” and she replied, “Yes, is that okay?”

Understandably at that stage in our lives that’s all our relationship ever amounted to. We might have held hands a bit but in those days it would have been impolite to ask a lady to go any further. I never thought marriage was on the agenda, and wouldn’t have done even if I’d known what the word meant. We were little kids playing at being slightly bigger kids. I just remember that brief little exchange of words and thinking in retrospect how sweet and innocent it all was.

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