Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 7 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

Claire was one of the people I grew up with in junior school. I had no memory of her from that little moment of conversation, until when we were both older and I started fancying girls. She was absolutely gorgeous and I definitely fancied her then, although there were a lot of girls I used to fancy at that time. About 15 years ago, I saw her again in Leeds. I recognised her and she was still a really good-looking girl. I don’t know if she recognised me, but we didn’t speak. She’s probably married with children now and I’ve missed my chance. It’s remarkable how many people you think you are going to marry when your age is in single digits.

When I went into infants’ school it was the first time I came across maths although it was then called “counting on and counting back.” I’d never been academic at school. I always struggled on the reading and writing part. even at that early stage. When you are not good at something, you tend not to like it and the negativity is perpetuated, meaning you fall further behind. With the counting on and counting back it was different.

We got a counting strip of numbers from 1 to 25. We were given sums like 4 + 2 and we would find 4 on our strip and count on 2. I found this easy and seemed to have a knack for it. I’d go through all the tasks set like lightning, miles ahead of the rest of the class.

My aptitude for math has stayed with me and is something I’ve used with the reverse auction competitions. Mathematics is primarily about problem solving; finding the problems, understanding what they are so that you can move forward and solve them. If you can do that, it’s not a bad trick to have.

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simon macbeth book image

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