Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 8 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

In high school, I was always in the second to top set for math. I suppose if I had worked as hard as other people I could have done better. I never did any work and I messed around too much.

My memories of my early school life are positive. It was a good time and a lot of good memories live on, even learning to skip for a school play. It’s not a skill I’ve used much since.

I do, however, remember the first lad I ever bullied. He was named Jason Webb, who sadly died in 1992 when he was only 15 years old. Jason was a year younger than me and his family were from Trinidad. He was a nice lad. My maternal Gran used to baby-sit for him and through her I discovered that Jason was terrified of thunderstorms. The evil side of me took advantage of this. If I got bored and I wanted to create some entertainment for myself and my classmates I used to find Jason, go up to him, and say, “Jason, Jason it’s going to start thundering and lightning.”

Jason would whimper and snivel, “Please don’t say that.” That gave me such a sense of power, which I’d never had over anybody before, and I found it to be a truly great feeling.

I don’t bully people in that way now, it’s too nasty. A part of me still likes to feel power over others, no matter how the advantage is gained. I hate it when people blame their faults on their childhoods. I didn’t bully because my Dad hit me; I bullied Jason because I was a little sod who liked the feeling it gave him. It amused me and more importantly made the other people around me laugh. It made me feel important in front of them all. It was a way of gaining the power that I hadn’t got in the rest of my life, the power that was sucked out through the windows in that Christmas Eve nightmare.

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