Beginnings by Simon Macbeth Leeds Chapter 6 part 1 of 8

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Simon Macbeth Leeds

Now I’m older and I’m still a little scared of the dark, but these days I’m able to keep an upstairs light on when I go to bed.

The dream never altered and lasted for five years until I was about eight years old. I don’t know why this dream always played itself out on Christmas Eve. A friend of mine who is into dream analysis tells me that the man in the dream is everything my Dad was not. He was protecting me from the mayhem and uncertainty I felt was in my life then, while in reality my Dad was the main cause of all of that.

I don’t believe in all of that rubbish. I think I was scared that a fat old man in a red suit was going to come into my bedroom at night when I was asleep. I’d seen Santa in a grotto in Leeds and had already established that his personal hygiene was substandard. His fingernails were filthy. I was anxious and excited on the night before Christmas, which is different than any other night of the year.

Christmas is 10 times more special than any other time of year. As a child I didn’t want to go to sleep because I was desperate to see Santa Claus, but I knew the quicker I could close my eyes and drift away, the faster Christmas Day would arrive.

I had other dreams and nightmares during the rest of the year, some of which I remembered when I woke up, some of which I didn’t, but I never had a recurring dream like that one on Christmas Eve. That’s the only dream I’ve ever been able to remember in every gruesome detail.

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simon macbeth book image

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