“The Learning Curve” by Simon Macbeth | Part 6 of 6

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It wasn’t losing nearly ₤7,000 on those two competitions, but missing out on ₤26,000 that caused Simon Macbeth grief. Of course the loss hurt, but I knew I could and should have won. Competitions four and five had gone. There was nothing I could do to retrieve the situation now and if my ambition was to continue to prosper, I had to remain focussed on the future.

I had the ₤10,500 from competition 3 still to land on my doormat. There were more competitions ahead and my methods would be tightened up, ready to play to win next time.

Money was tight then, but I was never concerned about my idea not working. I knew it would still work; it just needed a little refinement. You learn more from defeat than you ever learn from victory and the lessons I learned would stand me in good stead for the bigger competitions around the corner.

After the disappointment of losing those two competitions had sunk in, the next couple of months turned into a dry period, as I was unable to enter anything else until the money from the third competition arrived. So the end of August, September, and most of October passed before the biggest prize of the lot came into vision.

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